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Why I Started AA35

AA35 is a philosophy I’ve developed over 20 years, and it can be summed up in one message.


Live Life to the full, whatever your age.


This blog is one of the ways I’ve chosen to evangelize that message. In addition to this I also have a business where I coach, speak, and train clients, using that philosophy as a guide. And I have plans to start a YouTube channel soon.


Why did I start a blog about living Life to the full, and why did I choose the age of 35 as a pivot point?


I have TWO GOALS with AA35.


Living Life Fully

I’ve always been passionate about Life, and living it to its full potential. The AA35 idea of what that means is:

  • Exploring the world around you
  • Stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone to improve all areas of Life, be it physical, professional, intellectual, emotional, financial, social and more
  • Doing, learning, experiencing new things, becoming a multi-facetted, multi-talented person
  • Ignoring and beating stereotypes about what it means to be in your 30s and beyond
  • Building and valuing healthy relationships by adding to the Lives of your friends, family and loved ones while preventing or discarding toxic relationships that drain your energy, your passion and your Life
  • Contributing to the good people around you and to the community at large, according to your gifts and in your own unique way.


Sound good?  


Well it’s not that unique!


It may not be exactly the same but all of us had dreams once. Of what we wanted Life to be, things we wanted to do, learn and change, places we wanted to see. But as the ‘realities’ of Life came down hard on us, we lost, forgot or gave them up, one by one.


And then as we go into our later years, we live out that most painful of afflictions – REGRET. I’ve seen this played out time and again through my 15 years in healthcare, and also working with my own clients. Especially with people who are old and entering their twilight years, it’s really sad as there’s less they can do about it.


That’s ONE goal of AA35: to motivate and remind people to get more out of Life, and realise there’s still a lot more they can get out of it. I want to prevent good people suffering the agony of regret only when it’s too late. Be it experiences, learning, or relationships, good people deserve more. That’s what AA35 encourages and teaches.


But even if we aspire to do that, there’s a potential ROADBLOCK ahead! All we could still achieve can be cut down by health problems or pain, especially after we’re 30!


That’s where the second reason I started AA35 comes in.


Foundation of Fitness and Health

As a physiotherapist, I’ve seen what injury can do to quality of Life. It’s not just the physical limitations, but the mental anguish when you can’t do the things you want to do. Imagine dreading waking every morning because it hurts to get out of bed. Imagine being unable to lift up your newborn baby.


As an exercise consultant, I’ve seen how poor health and fitness can limit enjoyment of Life. The effects, medications, fear… health problems impose real limits on your ability to enjoy Life. Adventures you could undertake. Places you could go. Things you could do with loved ones.  I’ve seen people cut down on the very verge of the success they sacrificed their health for, leaving behind only grief for the people they love the most. And some of these people are my own friends and family.


It’s sad, it’s preventable, and I don’t want that to happen to good people.


So that’s the SECOND goal of AA35. To help you build a FOUNDATION of health and freedom from injury so that you can really live Life and enjoy it fully, with few limits on what you can enjoy with your loved ones.


And Why 35?

And what about this magic number? 35? Why 35?


There are a few whys actually.

1. Because many of the people I care about are approaching that number with trepidation, or have gone past that number with regret.

2. Because I specialize in working with people who are over 35, and being over 35 myself I know what some of the doubts, demons and challenges are.

3. Because I feel strongly that 35 is the age where you absolutely must start to live a healthy lifestyle, since so many symptoms of deterioration have a way of rearing their ugly heads around this age.


There is something special about the age of thirty five. The big 3 and 5. Less than 35, and you think of yourself as still being very close to the decade before, your 20s. More than 35, and you’re not even thinking 40, you’re actually thinking…




That’s a frightening thought to many people who may not have fully maximized their lives up to this point, and are now actually faced with the prospect of becoming… old.


Because of this, 35 is also the crossroads for most people. This is when they decide if that’s all to Life there is, and continue just accepting the same old routine, or whether they will dare to do a stocktake, make new changes, set new goals and do new things.


I hope to convince people that 35 is just a number and that we’re only old if we THINK we are. When we refuse to be limited by a number, there’s no end to what we could accomplish, do, experience, be. And that will make us forever young.


But here’s the kicker.

We have to decide to live Life to the full.

We have to decide to be youthful.

We have to decide and choose either…

1. …to believe life is just living day-to-day, without registering any moment, and then wondering at the end of each year, “Exactly what did I accomplish?”


2. … to believe that there is more to my Life than that! And no matter what transpired before, I will live Life to the full NOW because the best is yet to come… if I decide now.


Which pill do you take?

I started this blog because I hope to help people choose the second.