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On Crossing 35 Part 2: The Action


Last time, I wrote about the significance of the number 35, and why it casts a shadow over previous blissful ignorance of age. I shared some elements can conspire to remind us of this, whether our intemperate actions belie our age or not.

This time, I’d like to share with you the process I underwent when I hit that significant landmark as a reference for what you too could do.


1. Do a Stocktake

At 35, I did a stocktake of my Life.

What had I accomplished?

What were my goals?

Where was I going?

Was I on a path I wanted to continue on?

I realized that, regardless of successes and failures, my core philosophy hadn’t changed.


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On Crossing 35 Part 1: The Scene

Given the name of this blog, it was inevitable that I should write about AGE sooner or later. I guess that time is now.



THAT is an important number! A STARK MILESTONE jutting out from the uneventfully flat path of Life many people are content to trudge along without much thought to age…


Why is that?

Well I have a theory and I believe it’s all in the head.

More accurately, is has to do with ANOTHER number in our heads.


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