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The Real Biggest Losers


There has been much talk about the unwise nature of many reality programs involving competitive weight loss. That isn’t gainsaying the effectiveness of these programs in getting people interested, which is more than other media messages have done over the years.


bootcampHowever, initial interest aside, those programs just aren’t realistic for most people. For one thing, they are extremely time-intensive. Exercising four hours a day or more isn’t something most people can do, nor would they want to even if they could.


For another, they are physically intensive. Many people became overweight through years of no activity. Throwing someone into an intensive, bootcamp situation, doing stressful and unusual activity, makes for good TV, but is asking for injury or worse.


Yet… they seem to work, don’t they? At least as shown by the weigh-ins each week?


Ah, but do they also show competitors who were cut from the program due to overuse or traumatic injury?


So… where does that leave normal people like us, working normal jobs, without master chefs and master trainers locking us into a boot camp like situation?

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