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Cardiac Rehab – What is it?

A lot of people think that cardiac rehabilitation is just about exercise after a cardiac event. As a physio and exercise physiologist running cardiac rehab, I extol the virtues of exercise. But I’d also be the first to say that exercise per se isn’t cardiac rehab.


Sure, exercise is one of its most important components. But if you think you can manage alone after your cardiac event just by exercising, think again. Although many of us associate “cardiac rehab” with treadmill walking and lots of gadgets hooked on, there’s much more to cardiac rehab than meets the eye! Even if you think you’re ‘cured’ with a stent, a CABG op, or a pacemaker, you still need cardiac rehab. Read more »


This Will Kill You

Do you know someone who’s had a heart attack? Do you know someone at risk of a heart attack? Do you have a sedentary job, where you sit more than you stand, holding meetings, doing paperwork, using the computer, often for hours? If that’s you, then you do know someone at risk, and VERY well.

Red office chair editAs an exercise physiologist, I train heart attack survivors and people with heart disease, and I have seen men and women of all ages, from 26 to 62, from millionaire businessman to assembly line specialist, all brought to the same level, by the same disease, by the same lifestyles. And I have something very important to tell you.



Being sedentary kills you.   Read more »