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Afraid to Exercise?

A heart attack is one of the most frightening things you can experience. Many people don’t survive. And of those who do, there is a lingering doubt and fear. Will it happen again? Invariably, many link their previous heart attack to some form of physical exertion, and have an aversion to physical activity forever after.


You may know exercise helps. You may even know many people with a heart condition benefit from it.

But you may also be thinking: how risky is it? After all, for a long time, people were advised not to stress their heart by doctors, including through exercise. You may have been cautioned not to exert after discharge, and every well-meaning person around suddenly wants to protect you from even the most minor tasks you want to do.


So what’s the truth?

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Grateful in the Dumps

A huge component of being alive is feeling grateful for what Life has to offer, no matter what your age is. It keeps you positive, strengthens your relationships, and creates a mindset of openness and a willingness to do great things.


As I write this things are a bit on the down side. Well, that’s putting it mildly. The markets are awash with red, everyone’s worried about the Fiscal Cliff, Europe is officially in a recession, many of us have bled thousands, and it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

 S&P 16 November Drop

Hurricane Sandy has shattered thousands of lives, Israel has fired on Gaza, and the threat of war and all that entails looms large.

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