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The DAB – Making Each Day Count

As I sat through the New Year celebrations, and thought about the new year resolutions I would make, and what friends, clients and patients have shared with me, it occurred to me that while we think about lofty goals and dreams, we seldom think about the building blocks leading there – the little things we do on a day-by-day basis.


To become successful in Life, you need to make Life count. Each and every day. It’s easy to simply put off to another day what you could do today because you think the year ahead is long and you have plenty of time.


Yet how many times have we looked back at the preceding year and regretted our unaccomplished resolutions, and wonder what happened? Where did that time go? How did each day pass me by like water through a sieve?


Let me introduce a simple tool to prevent that happening –  the DAB.
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In the New Year 2013

Well, the world didn’t end in 2012 as some feared, and we’re still very much alive. For now at least, it seems that a deal will be made regarding the fiscal cliff, so many of us are still very much solvent.

end of world Mayan prophecyI don’t know if many people believed in the purported Mayan prophecies. I suspect more believed we’d go over the fiscal cliff, but between these two things I started thinking: does a belief that something is going to end make it more precious, and galvanize one into action, compared to believing that the status quo would continue, resulting in stagnation and ennui?

The world ending may seem far-fetched, and most of us probably didn’t have a single doubt that the world continue to spin on its axis. However have we considered that in a way, on a less epic scale, time is running out too?

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