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January 1, 2013

In the New Year 2013

by alive

Well, the world didn’t end in 2012 as some feared, and we’re still very much alive. For now at least, it seems that a deal will be made regarding the fiscal cliff, so many of us are still very much solvent.

end of world Mayan prophecyI don’t know if many people believed in the purported Mayan prophecies. I suspect more believed we’d go over the fiscal cliff, but between these two things I started thinking: does a belief that something is going to end make it more precious, and galvanize one into action, compared to believing that the status quo would continue, resulting in stagnation and ennui?

The world ending may seem far-fetched, and most of us probably didn’t have a single doubt that the world continue to spin on its axis. However have we considered that in a way, on a less epic scale, time is running out too?

The Two Main Foci – Life and Living

I am talking about first and foremost, Life itself.

Yes, health is always going to be the first focus of this blog, because although Aliveafter35 is about being alive and living Life fully, without your basic health it’s going to be really hard to do that. You can’t build a grand house without investing time, money and effort in a solid foundation. Likewise you can live fully after 35 or any age, but you have build your foundation first. And that foundation is HEALTH.

Once you have a firm plan for your foundation to preserve and improve your health, you can then build that house, and even decorate it. Home building is the fun part for many, and that’s where the second focus of AA35 lies. You’re in good health, physically able, and the next question is: What will I do with my Life to make it more meaningful? How do I live it in an enriching way, so that I grow and in discovering my new potentials, bring happiness to me and my loved ones as well?

Many people make New Year resolutions. Ever notice that the New Year resolutions each year are often the same? Why? Because there is no URGENCY. If there was, people would not just nominate goals, but actually make plans to get there. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, a goal without a plan is just a wish. That’s what many of us do each year. Our resolutions are no more than wishes.

I will lose 10lb this year.

I will start exercising.

I will learn how to play the piano.

I will read 5 self help books.

The things on that list must be important to you in some small way. That’s why it’s still there every year, even if it might be easier to just quietly discard it to avoid the uncomfortable realization that you didn’t do anything about it. But if it’s not accompanied by a structured plan, designed in a SMART step-wise strategy, we won’t get there. There is no urgency, no accountability.

Live Life Like It Will End Tomorrow

So, the world didn’t end.

So, the fiscal cliff may be averted.

So, we didn’t get a heart attack.

Let’s be grateful for that, but DO NOT allow it to be an excuse to stay in the comfort zone of the familiar.

Let’s look at our list of resolutions, and include a healthy lifestyle as one of those resolutions.

Finally, let’s for each of those things actually engage in SMART goal setting, and be able to look back a year later, and say, “Been there, done that, NEXT!”

Let’s actually be accountable to ourselves and live Life like the world might end.

No one in his right mind would manage his finances without considering what would happen if something did happen, such as the fiscal cliff which we might still fall off, or even an accident or emergency (touch wood!).
Fiscal cliff

Let’s apply that attitude to our health, and start doing those things like we might get a heart attack and prevent it. People go through a lot to avert financial ruin. Isn’t Life even more worth going through lots to avert physical ruin, and the mental anguish and strangling of potential to actually LIVE that would follow?


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