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How Injuries Make You Old

Imagine you were an actor and you had to portray an old man.


How would you do it?


Old man walkingChances are, you’d hobble around, bent over, exaggerating the effort required to do anything from getting up from a chair to rolling out of bed. Movement would be slow, pained and deliberate. You might limp, move about stiffly, and be quite weak at various tasks.




Perhaps. Not all older people exhibit these signs, but these are the characteristics one often associates with being old.


Yet would you be surprised that many people in the 30s or 40s or even below, behave just like this? Perhaps not in such an exaggerated fashion, but certainly with some stiffness, pain, and limitation to doing various activities.


That’s what injuries can do to you. They can make you act, move, and feel many years past your true age.


And that’s why, if you want to feel young and be young, you have to take injuries seriously.

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Movie Motivations to MOVE Part 1

Have you noticed that often, what galvanizes you into doing something isn’t necessarily logic or rationale, but rather a feeling, be it of urgency, fear, excitement, showing off and other emotion?


Take weight lStreetdance 3Doss, for instance. Sure, healthcare professionals will tell you to lose weight because being obese can cause heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and joint pain. But the reasons that will get most people off their butts will be things like looking good, getting into that dress, showing off at that high school reunion your hated rival will be at, or getting girls.


We often buy on emotion, not logic. And that “buy” refers not just to goods, but ideas.  Scenes from movies are especially good at arousing emotion. They inspire and motivate us, and that’s what this series is about.  In part 1 I’ll share three ideas that inspired me to try something from a movie or video. Hopefully, clicking the links and watching will get you interested in moving too!




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