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How to Be a Friend Part 2

In part 1, we stated the importance of true friendship, and looked at 7 ways to keep a friend if you are lucky enough to find one.


In Part 2, we look at another 8 to bring it up to a nice 15.


8. Don’t Judge


“Judge not, that ye not be judged.” – Matthew 7:1


There are many pithy quotations from the Bible and this is certainly a relevant one.


Yes, there was probably an initial screening period before you accepted someone as a friend. After all, it’s nice to know that your potential new friend isn’t a convicted axe murderer or whose only form of delight is watching the death scenes in the Saw series.

 Dont judge


But once you’ve ‘cleared’ your original comfort hurdles and accepted someone as a friend, and bonds develop over time, you may discover some new thing that doesn’t agree with you 100%. It might be an attitude, a value, or even an outlook towards certain things dear to you.

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How to Be a Friend Part 1

Friendship tagPreviously I wrote about friendship, what I feel the word “friend” should really mean, and how quality friendships are really essential to having a full and meaningful Life.


Friends add aspects, perspectives, and support at all stages of our Lives that we would never enjoy if we lived in a world of our own. That’s well and good.


But, we’ve heard that friendships come and go. So once you have one, how do you keep it?


Friends, as described in my previous article, are like a rare one-in-a-thousand gem.  Because of this, you absolutely must cherish the few true friends who enter your Life. If you want to keep friendship, you have to give it too. A friendship is like any relationship, requiring care and nurturing to grow stronger and sturdier.


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What is a Friend?

No man is an island“No one is an island”


Everyone has heard this saying, and friendships ensure that you are not a solitary island but part of a grand archipelago.


So… what is a friend?

 facebook logo

I know someone who is almost a celebrity; he has about 5000 friends on Facebook. Another person I know is going to hit the 1000 milestone; I guess congratulations are in order.


But despite the use of the word “friend” to describe each contact you add, most people would not consider all the contacts on Facebook friends. In fact, many of them would be acquaintances or even complete strangers. You simply cannot spread yourself that thinly and still be a good friend to all.


“A friend to all is a friend to none.” – Aristotle

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Lifelong Learning Part 2 – Get Crackin’!

In part 1, we talked about the concept of Lifelong Learning and its benefits, and how it can add balance and wonder to you Life. Hopefully you’re convinced to give it a try, and the only question left is, what do you do about it?


The good news is, when it comes to Lifelong learning, there is no shortage of options all you really need to do is to pick just one new thing you want to learn.  In part 2 today, we’ll discuss the action steps you might take to get you started on your own journey.


1. Find an Inspiration/ Motivation

People tend to be in one of two situations: Either they’ve been dying to start something but have been telling themselves “Some day, some day” while they run the corporate treadmill, or they have spent so much time buried in work and career they don’t have any idea what else they would want to do.


If you’re in the first category, good! You already know what you want to learn, get to step 2.


If you’re in the second category, you have a bit more thinking to do.

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