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One Cherry Tomato

Recently we celebrated my mum’s birthday.Mum's 2013 Birthday cake


It’s been an unbreakable custom of our family to celebrate birthdays with a dinner at home, usually the weekend before the actual birthday. We’ve done this for over 20 years now.  


When we lived together it was a lot easier. Now that we live apart, with two brothers having different businesses, time schedules, and even sleep-wake cycles, it’s gotten a lot harder. But the hard-won time we make and the committed effort we take to come together makes each and every such occasion a truly special one. The happy glow on my parents faces alone makes it worth it.


Dinner consists of healthy home-cooked food supplemented by favourite foods bought home. It’s always a thrill for us to make separate trips to favourite restaurants, buy those two or three special dishes, then bring that food home and combine them with the dishes my mum would have been cooking at home. It’s a joy to see it everything come together as one beautiful, mouth-watering spread, paralleling how each of us have come together from different places ready to sit down as one family.


Enter the cherry tomatoes.

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