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Do no HARM


Recently, I’ve had a number of friends come down with injury from a variety of activities. Some were in competitive sports, some were in intensive training for dance performances, and yet others were just unlucky and got into accidents.


Invariably the most common question is: What do I do?


Unfortunately, the mRICEost common response is:


PRICE. Protection. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.


Yeah, I know. Boring right? There are not a lot of people who would immediately apply PRICE for a few common reasons. Inability to rest, need to continue to compete, obsession, addiction, and even laziness. In addition, what to do has a lot to do with the nature, type, site and other factors of the injury itself. So PRICE may not be nice for all.


While what to do may vary depending on the case, what can quite uniformly apply to a large variety of cases is advice on what not to do.


So today, we’ll talk about how to practise the Hippocratic oath – first, do no HARM.

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