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Thoughts on Valentine’s Day 2014

Rose heartValentine’s Day is upon us again!


What do you feel?


Perhaps you feel love and warmth for that special person in your Life. You may feel gratitude for the strong bonds of true friends or the unconditional love of family.


Maybe you feel indifferent and cynical, dismissing it as another commercialized special day, heavily promoted by companies to guilt people into parting with large sums of money by equating love = gifts.


But if they are successful, maybe what you’re feeling is panic… because you forgot. And you just know there will be… trouble.


Valentine’s Day provokes many feelings which run the gamut from happiness and excitement to fear and guilt. It’s always amazing to me how one special occasion can engender so many different thoughts and emotions and be the happiest day for some, and the scariest for others.


My personal feeling? I think Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be anything special, and should be lived like any other day.


Let me explain.


2nd New Year, 2nd Chance

CNYChinese New Year is here again, and as usual it’s a fantastic time to refresh and renew ties, bonds and camaraderie with friends and family.

In addition, I get a rather fortunate opportunity – a second new year just a month after the first to think about how I’ve used the year so far. I’m forced to reflect on what progress I’ve made on the resolutions I set at the start of the year.


Here’s how I see it.


One month is about 30 days. If I’ve done nothing to progress since the 1st of January, it’s time to have a hard think about things. Am I really serious about these goals? Were they realistic? Did I put them down out of guilt, responsibility or just to look good? Do I need to make adjustments and have new New Year resolutions?


Having CNY forces you to think about these things a lot sooner than the traditional one year later when you sit down to make your New Year resolutions… Again.


And end up writing down the same ones… Again.

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