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June 3, 2014

Short Takes Introduction

by alive

For a while, friends have been advising me to start writing some shorter posts. I’ve considered the merits for a long time. But the mounting pros have finally pushed me to acquiescence.

Here’s why I’m going to introduce a new type of post, the Short Take.


Faster to Read
Many ideas worth communicating don’t really require a long article. Short and sweet sharing of an idea, demonstration of a new exercise, or simply linking to an interesting, inspiring and potentially Life-improving bit of content can be a boon to time-strapped people. That’s many of us.


More Personal
Articles that communicate ideas can sometimes come across as impersonal. While I’ve tried to avoid this in my style of writing, they can still be very one-way. Short posts on immediate feelings, current thoughts, reactions to something recent, can be communicated on the spot, capturing the moods of the present, and that’s an idea that appeals to me.


More Frequent UpdatesUpdating
Because these are like snapshots, and don’t take as long to write as a full article, I can write more frequently, and so my blog can be a lot less quiet and a lot more alive.



More Subscribers
More frequent entries now means a bigger reason to subscribe and be notified of a new post. Many people didn’t see the need to subscribe since they can check in every fortnight, which is the customary frequency I put up articles.

This blog has always been a labour of love, free for cBlog penlients and friends, and starting this year, pretty much everybody. Monetizing has never been important since I have other sources of income, so it’s not why subscribers are important to me. Instead, more subscribers indicate an increasing number of people I am touching with my ideas and experiences. It’s a quick gauge of how far along I am in evangelizing the primary message of AA35:


Stay young and live Life to the full, whatever your age.


Rest assured my regular articles will continue. I knew of the ‘disadvantages’ of longer posts when I first started blogging, but this undertaking was always meant to appeal to a certain demographic, looking for more in-depth ideas and information and who enjoy reading a longer form of writing that often necessitates.


To the extent I’ve been able to attract those who like this format, and been able to add a little something to their Lives, I am elated. But I also see the benefits of these snippets, so that’s what I’ll be writing too.


See you out there!

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