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Which Type of MC Taker Are You?

Short Take: Contribution and Relationships


MCA thought struck me today as I was looking at the people waiting outside the clinic to see the doctor. Actually, a similar thought had occurred to me the other day when one of my friends got sick and had to call in sick too.


There are three types of people who take MCs. No, I’m not talking about

  1. Those who are real
  2. Those who are borderline
  3. Those who chao keng.

 as you might immediately expect.

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My K488 Dream Come True

On very rare occasions you get a once in a Lifetime gift.  It could be an opportunity, a chance meeting, an event that probably won’t ever happen again. If you seize it, the sense of satisfaction can be immense. If you miss it, the ravages of regret can be intense.

Today was one of the happiest days of my Life because one of my dreams came true – K488.

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Saving Gloxinia

Right now, I’m trying to save a Life.


No I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV.


I’d be the first to admit that I absolutely don’t know what I’m doing, I’m inexperienced, incompetent, and I might very well cause the loss of the Life I want to save.


However, I don’t think I’m being remiss and whatever happens I won’t ever be charged in court.


GloxiniaYou see, Gloxinia isn’t a human being. It’s a plant.


Most people would just toss it out, buy a new one. So why the effort?

Two words:

1. Sentiment.

2. Atonement.

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Cut Your Losses

I have a friend. Let’s call her K. K is a really good worker, honest and responsible. The problem is an unappreciative and egomaniacal boss who derides her efforts, passing her for promotion after promotion. She has become so numbed by the situation she doesn’t realize just how much she’s lost in terms of emotion and opportunity. As time goes on, she’ll continue to be drained, but also encourage the bullying behavior of this boss.


Desperate friendI have another friend. Let’s call him J. J is the stereotypical nice guy who doesn’t have a clue about women. Recently he’s been after a girl, doing nice thing after nice thing in the hope that she will eventually be moved by his sincerity and give him a chance. He doesn’t understand that 1) she’s just not interested and 2) each embarrassing attempt he makes is only going to hurt his emotions, his ego and his reputation more, without anything to show for it.



These two friends remind me it’s time for another lesson from investing. Today’s idea is going to be easy to understand conceptually, but hard for many to do. Yet it’s perhaps the most important one in this series.

We’re going to talk about cutting losses early.

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