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July 29, 2014

Which Type of MC Taker Are You?

by alive

Short Take: Contribution and Relationships


MCA thought struck me today as I was looking at the people waiting outside the clinic to see the doctor. Actually, a similar thought had occurred to me the other day when one of my friends got sick and had to call in sick too.


There are three types of people who take MCs. No, I’m not talking about

  1. Those who are real
  2. Those who are borderline
  3. Those who chao keng.

 as you might immediately expect.


Rather, I mean the type of person one is based on the impact that they have on those around them, and how they are valued. This can be seen by three different reactions from their co-workers when told they are on sick leave.


Type 1: The Good

When this person calls in sick, the first response is along the lines of:

black chicken soupAre you all right?

How can I help?

Do you want me to get you something?

Please get well soon!

Are you sure two days MC is enough?

Don’t worry about your work, we’ll take care of it!


Not one thought about how the absence of this person is going to inconvenience everyone or impose more work for the rest. Human beings tend to be self-centred, so being more concerned about someone more than how it might burden them personally is a testament to how good this person is. This is probably someone who is genuine, kind, compassionate, has shown others concern, offered help and assistance, and touch everyone they meet with something positive. They have added and contributed to the Lives of the people around them.



Type 2: The Bad

When this person calls in sick, you get a more typical response like this:

Smashing MonitorBloody hell!

Is he really sick?

Alamak must be last party too hard lah!

Now we must do more work!

That means I must go home late tonight!


This reaction is quite typical. Even though it’s not the best, it’s also quite understandable. People are affected when someone calls in sick, and it’s little wonder they will not be happy. There may be no real enmity here, but just expected venting.



Type 3: The Ugly

When this person calls in sick, the response is instant.

Thank GOD she’s sick! Oh I’m so glad he’s not here! Who cares if it means I have to do a little more work?


office celebrationThis is not just ugly, but sad and pathetic. It speaks of someone so hated, so detested, so reviled that even if people have to take on more work, they see it as a very small price to pay because it is in this person’s absence and not presence that they feel happiness. This could be the office bully, the megalomanic/ despotic boss, a cruel taskmaster.



When you are so hated that people rejoice in your not being in their Lives even for a day, even if the means to that was you being sick, there is something very, very wrong about you, how you have conducted yourself, and how you have treated other people.


Which type of person are you? Not everyone will be the first. But I hope that none of you are the third.




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