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Get Rid of Your Monkey! Part 2

Monkey on your back 4Last time we talked about monkeys, specifically the monkey on your back and how it’s dragging you down. The monkey is the broad cause of many problems we have, and eliminating it will go a long way towards freeing up resources of mind and body.

We’ve looked at starting this process in our last article. First, identify if we have a monkey or two. Then, select the most important to eliminate. Third, make a decision to start.


Today we’ll conclude the monkey booting off process.

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Get Rid of Your Monkey! Part 1

A healthcare organization I work for recently passed a grueling gold standard audit. Needless to say we are all very proud of the achievement, although I never had any doubt we would do it. We have good, compassionate people working hard and processes that are continually improved on.


Monkey on your back 2That said, there were lots of preparation work. With this audit hanging like a sword of Damocles over us, other things got put on the backburner. Only after achieving accreditation could we focus, both temporally and mentally, on other tasks, which we did with much gusto and renewed energy.



So I thought that it was time to to write about the monkey on our backs.

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What Would You Give Up for Love?

Short Take: Love


As a rule, I don’t watch much TV, let alone dramas that require you to sit by the TV for a set amount of time on a set day each week. So I don’t know much about the various popular Taiwanese, Korean and Japanese serials currently in vogue. And I know even less about current popular songs from canto-pop, J-pop, K-pop and lolli-pop.


I do however subscribe to several Youtube channels, one of which belongs to Joyce Leong. Joyce does the most amazing piano transcriptions, and in listening to her work I am sometimes come across a tune that moves me so much that I have to find out about the original. Lately, I watched this:

 There is a haunting sadness to this tune that really moves me, which led me to check out this video:

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