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Movie Motivations to MOVE Part 2

It’s been more than a year since I wrote Part 1 of Movie Motivations to Move. I realized that I never got around to Part 2, so it’s time to make up for that!


The premise behind these articles is this:


Jet LiVery often, we start certain activities not because they are good for our health. If so, there would be a lot fewer diseases out there. Exercise is great for our heart, builds cardio fitness, muscle, bone strength, and coordination. It also reduces the risk of many diseases, but few people will really be motivated to do it for those reasons unless they are already having health problems.


But people usually get motivated to try something because it looks fun, interesting, or badass. That’s when they get some exercise because they’re not actually thinking of it as exercise. The more passionate they get about the activity, the more health benefits they derive as a side effect. Hence, my suggestion of activities inspired by watching a movie or even a clip on Youtube.


For part 2, I have more cool ideas for activities They are a little more intense and than what we saw in Part 1, so you should probably try them only if you are already quite fit. And since you’ve been exercising since Part 1 came out more than a year ago, I’m sure you’ve gotten fitter and leaner in that time… right?


So here’s the first idea.


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Do People Sometimes Wish You Were Dead?

Short Take: Relationships


Recently I fell sick and with a monster headache rendering me unable to do anything requiring deep thought and concentration, I decided to do something mindless. Namely, watch YouTube. One thing led to another, and before I knew it I was watching reactions of people to the death of King Joffrey at the Purple Wedding.


He is so reviled that when he was killed in an episode, the reaction of many was triumph and jubilation. Here’s just one of the videos of captured reactions floating around. What struck me was the visceral elation evident from so many people at the death of this character. What kind of a person would be so hated? 


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