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Surviving Chinese New Year: The Rebuilding Part 2

CNY! That incredible period of happiness and feasting.


Post CNY… that painful period of weight taking and waist measuring.


In recent articles, I laid down a battle plan for you to engage the forces of temptations during the visiting period, and limit the damage done to your physique goals. This was the BEFORE plan.


Last article, I begaSetting upn laying down the first part of your AFTER plan. It showed you what to do to recover from that period of bombardment, and start the rebuilding of your fitness and physique. We spent some time on Step 1: Setting up of the mind, where I explained the concept of the bullpen. Step 2 was setting realistic expectations.


Step 3: Action has two stages. Stage 1 is the crucial act of simply resuming the lifestyle habits you had before the CNY binge. If you just do that, you’ll be ahead of the curve when it comes to regaining your physique. Many people never do, which spells the beginning of the capitulation process as they roll down the slippery slope of perpetual weight gain.


This concluding part will describe Stage 2 of the Action step.

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Surviving Chinese New Year: The Rebuilding Part 1

peanut shellsIn the aftermath of any battle, there’s a rebuilding process, whether you won or lost. The winning side may have less to do, but it still needs to repair damage. In the same way, even if you’ve eaten less than most people, you’ve probably got some extra calories to shed.


I’m hoping you won, by following the battle plan I laid out for you in Surviving Chinese New Year: The Defence Strategy Parts 1 and 2. If you did, you probably have very little damage to repair. If you didn’t, you have a whole lot more to do. Either way, this process takes time. So the sooner you get back on track with your quest to achieve the health, fitness and physique you want, the better.


This article lays out a roadmap for the post-battle bebuild. Once you pull yourself out from the rubble and renew your efforts with determination and purpose, you’ll be back where you left off at the start of CNY, with hardly a battle scar to show for it.


Let’s do it!

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A Rose in the Trash

Short Take: Relationships


Last year I wrote an article on Valentine’s Day. I didn’t expect I’d write another, but today I saw something quite poignant.


A picture can paint a thousand words, and there’s probably a sad story behind this one.


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Surviving Chinese New Year: The Defence Strategy Part 2

CNY draws nigh

Chinese New Year looms large.


As much as we look forward to the gathering of friends and family and celebrating with much feasting, we dread the inevitable consequences of that culinary binge. In the war against fat, festivals are potentially dangerous opponents which can take down our efforts unless we have a battle plan ready.


In part 1, I shared a viable battle strategy that has worked for many of my clients in their war against weight gain and sugar overload during the CNY period. Stratagems fell into three categories. We looked at A: The Start of the Day and B:During Each Visit stratagems.


Today we’ll look at C: Between Each Visit stratagems. I’ll also share some observations about what doesn’t work, and throw in a personal take on the importance of making choices in the context of living a Full Life.



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