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Lessons from New York Part 2

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A huge part of the tragedy of heart disease is its preventable nature. Yet every year, thousands of people die from it, leaving in their wake sadness and anguish for loved ones, and emptiness and wasted potential of what might have been.


I have been passionate about living Life to the Full and heart disease is one of the things I wanted to fight even at an early age. We know many predisposing risks have to do with lifestyle choices. One of the proudest things I’ve accomplished is to head cardiac rehab exercise in one of Singapore’s hospitals, and recently, I was fortunate enough to get an attachment with the New York Presbyterian Hospital to observe their cardiac rehab programme.


In addition to the clinical side of things, I also learnt or reinforced many beliefs and observations I have made over the years. I strongly feel anyone can benefit from these ideas, and last week I shared six of them. Today I’ll finish with another four.

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