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Apology… and Announcement!

Hey guys, it’s been an incredibly long time since I updated this blog, and I want to apologize for that.


I’m writing to say it’s still very much alive, and it’s going to get kicking again soon!


Keep Calm Work in ProgressThe truth is, I’ve been working on a major project, and it is taking a lot longer than I expected. I’d fantasized it would take just 2-3 weeks, but there was a lot of groundwork to be done, including learning many things I didn’t know before! So it dragged out. I’ve been very excited with what I’ve learnt though!


Let me share with you what’s coming.


The AA35 Facebook Page

Yup, I’ve finally decided to take AA35 to Facebook! I’m aiming for a June launch, and I’m working really hard to get there!

Facebook PageRecently, I sent a questionnaire to some people I respect, of different backgrounds, but all making the best of Life in their 30s and beyond. I asked for feedback about improving the blog and reaching out to more people. After collating their feedback, I believe a FB page would be a worthy project that addresses many issues they raised, as well as have many other advantages.




The first is simply, reach.


I really, really want to evangelize the AA35 philosophy of living a Full Life on a foundation of good health. It’s gotten more urgent in recent years because of the people I see going through the hospital. So many cases of AVOIDABLE tragedy have made me really impatient and frankly, really angry at the waste of it all. Recent deaths of celebrities like Leonard Nimoy have brought home that no one is immune from the effects of an unhealthy Lifestyle.

 Going Viral

There are just too many people I can’t help, even if all of them wanted a consult with me. Many people also don’t read blogs. By going on FB, I will expand my ability to reach more people, and if these people find something useful and pass it on, force multiplication will get my message across!



Snippets of Variety

We all appreciate bite-sized content when we’re really swamped. As you know, a unique feature of my blog is that the articles aren’t inane short pieces! They are longer than the average post in the blogosphere, and more in-depth than most.


But on a day you’re especially busy, where’s that leave us?


To answer this question, I’ll be providing content of different types on FB. All are thoughtfully chosen to support you on your quest to achieve the best that you can in Life. You’ll be inspired and encouraged by meaningful stories, thought-provoking quotes, and challenged by reminders to living Life Fully. There will be links to videos, and of course, updates to my blog posts.


AA35 FB Snippets

The AA35 FB Page will help me deliver content to you as I find or create it, all in one convenient spot. Which brings me to the next point…



It can be a hassle to keep checking the blog for updates. Even if you’ve subscribed to the new post notification e-mails, it might get missed in the daily inbox deluge. By being on Facebook, I can update you on my latest blog posts right on your timeline, for you to click in an instant.


FB also makes it convenient to share something useful or interesting with the people you care about. Call their attention to it by hitting the “Like”, or go ahead and hit the “Share” button!

           FB Like      FB Share



One consistent request I keep getting is to make my blog more personal.

Personal updates, stories, or even a daily gripe or two to humanize things a bit!

While that’s a little hard on a blog that will not be read in real time, and which has a niche as a repository of longer, more serious writing, having a FB page helps me to be just that!


online discusionEven more importantly, a FB page will let you to engage on topics of interest, or ask questions. Start or participate in a discussion, support and learn from each other! In future, the page can also be used to organize events like outings, group consults or training sessions.


So all of these add up to a huge YES to the idea of a FB page.


Of course, I will take the greatest care to ensure that it will be a respectful place with none of the usual spamming, trolling or flaming that goes on elsewhere.


The Blog Continues!

I understand many of you are a bit more private (just like me!), and may not even have Facebook. That is not going to be a problem!


Please do continue coming here, because I’m going back to my regular posting schedule of about once a fortnight. You can keep your names out of Facebook, and still get notifications about new posts I make. After all, writing longer, more meaningful and impactful articles for people who appreciate more than a quick hit-and-run is still my passion, and that’s not going to stop!



Either way, I hope to continue adding value to your Lives, and helping you to live them more fully, and support you in your quest to live a Healthy Lifestyle!


Join me!