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How I Overcame Barriers to Exercise: Part Two


Imagine you have been working 12 hour days preparing for a major audit. On the fourth day, you are about to leave for home at 10pm when you get an urgent phone call from the boss. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be the one flying to Germany to meet a major partner threatening to pull out of a joint venture, not your colleague as planned.


Which of these two things would be more likely to cross your mind?


  1. My exercise plan is going to be affected! What can I do or plan to make sure I still get some cardio/ strength training/ stretching in the next two weeks?
  2. I’d better delegate the audit prep to the right people. I’m going to devote all my available time to preparing for the overseas meeting. Exercise plan? What exercise plan – oh yes I forgot exercise is a part of my life now. Well, that’s going to have to wait till I sort all this out.



If you’re like most people, exercise is a “nice-to-have” option, the first thing that goes out the window when your time gets crunched.

But if you give up your exercise because of ‘emergencies’, you may eventually be headed for another sort of emergency of your own.


To prevent that happening, follow two guiding principles that will keep you living a healthy lifestyle, and you from lapsing back into inactivity and no exercise.

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How I Overcame Barriers to Exercise…And You Can Too! Part 1

When I went through my divorce, it was one of the hardest periods of my Life ever.


Few things could have prepared me for the stresses of divorce. You kinda expect a few things, but nothing quite prepares you for the simultaneous assault on so many fronts. Acrimonious exchanges, lawyers meetings, villainization by spectators who know nothing, bleeding finances. they hit me like a successive tons of bricks. In my case, I also had to constantly move, never with a secure roof over my head, all on top of having to work a full time job while building my business.


If anything could have given me the perfect excuse to stop exercising and start commiserating over tubs of Häagen-Dazs, this would have been it.


But you know what?


As a wise man once said: “Shit happens.”


Shit happens

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