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January 1, 2016

2016 Theme: Go Where No Me Has Gone Before

by alive

As we end the year and start the next, it’s time to do a stocktake. I do this every year. What goals did I have coming into the year? How much did I accomplish? What balls did I drop? What could I have done better?


EnteDI try to give each new year a theme for self-improvement and living Fully. Last year, it was “Become Impatient”. I wanted – and encouraged people – to become impatient in areas where thoughts, behaviours, and approaches led to procrastination and unnecessary waste of effort and time.


My theme for 2016? Go Where No Me Has Gone Before

One of the keys to living a Full Life is to GROW and develop yourself in all areas you can (waistline excepted!).


But when you’re 35 and beyond, with limited time and mounting adult responsibilities, you may need to prioritize. You’ll still be able to accomplish a lot, but you will not be able to achieve mastery in everything.


As I look back I see interests and dreams I may have put aside that I want to return to.


At the same time looking forward, I see new dreams and goals I want to start on.


Combining both, and borrowing from that line from Star Trek, I’ve hit on my theme for 2016: Go Where No Me Have Gone Before


My aim for 2016 is to hit new ground in both the future, as well as past goals that are still important.


Old Me

Spanish for ReadingI will revisit some of the past goals I put aside for one reason or other, continue where I left off and try to take them one step further.


For example:

I was learning Spanish on my own, and I used three books and an audio course for this. I will aim to get to at least one chapter beyond the last for each, and aim to finish the audio course.


I have in the past tried learning a few songs on the piano, but stopped midway, or managed to get to the end but not play them smoothly. I intend to select three pieces and finish learning them till I can play them relatively smoothly.



New Me

The future though, is where one must always focus. We may have loose ends from the past to tie up, but we don’t want to live there!


For this I will take on things never done before. I am looking to new skills, new experiences, and new horizons, all of which will fulfil my zest for Life!


For example:

I’ll be learning to use social media in a number of projects to connect with more people, and deliver the ideas of AA35.


I now want to contribute to a larger community cause, and I’ve been considering a few possibilities. I wish to spread the message of healthy living as a support for whatever message or mission these groups are committed to.


There are a few things I want to learn too: horseriding, photography and a new dance.

Horseriding Close up of photographer Sarah Lee

Those are just some elements of my plan for the year, but hopefully you get the idea.



In a way, living out my 2015 theme helped me prep for this year.


For example, I dropped emotional vampires who’d been draining resources without giving back. I stopped knocking on doors that wouldn’t open in friendship or business. I sped up my approaches to potential friends, business partners and fellow full Lifers. I was more forward with what I wanted and didn’t waste time getting that across.


I reduced procrastination in many areas, from learning to cook, to reorganizing my various collections. I got impatient financially too, getting rid of poorly performing equities even if it meant taking a loss.


Relevant to AA35, I finally knuckled down on a major project I’ve been putting off for years, and took the leap.


It helped me wipe the slate clean of drains and leaks, while developing new vision, new habits and new clarity. These new attitudes and behaviours will continue to serve me well in future as it feels like I’ve ‘rebooted’.


At a certain stage of Life, I think it’s good to have a broad view of where you’ve come, and ‘consolidate’ things a bit. Understand where you are, who you’ve become, and then move it!


Here’s my suggestion how you too can go where you’ve not gone before.

  1. Have a quick inventory of things that you should give up. Then give them up.
  2. If there’s something you’ve wandered off from and it’s still important to your happiness and fulfillment, decide on a new end point, and go for it. Tie up those loose ends.
  3. Keep setting goals and striving for new dreams and never forget to look to the future!


I’m really excited about this new year’s theme, and can’t wait to see where I’m at in 3, 6, and 12 months’ time. I hope you’re excited with your new year and your future too!


Continue Full Life to everyone, for 2016 and beyond!

The future



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