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The Importance of NPS Part 1: Why

Let me ask you something:


When was t3D Puzzlehe last time you took a break? Alone or with loved ones?


Learning something for the sake of genuine curiosity and interest, not career or business? I mean really, really took a break that had absolutely nothing to do with work or business?


Nothing for incidental benefit, including an outing to reward to your kids for doing well in school?



If you haven’t, you might be too focused and practical. While that may translate to success in the short term, it won’t do much for your happiness in the long term. That’s why I often recommend people start being non-practical, and more often.


Let me explain.

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When to Be Simon Cowell

Short Take: Friendship


Recently I went on YouTube and watched some clips from Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor.

Why the devil would I do such a thing?

A simple break was one reason. Another was inspiration. Watching people with different talents (not to mention courage!) motivates me in my chosen self-development/ learning endeavours.


What struck me was how the reactions to a bad performance mirrors the different ways friends deal with certain mistakes you make in Life too.


Simon CowellJudge A may put a most positive slant on things, and give you the message that you’re okay and all is well.

Judge B might be gentle or evasive, sugarcoating the truth so thickly you can’t see it, or see only a half-truth.

And then there’s Simon Cowell.

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