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A Piano and a Plate of Prawns

GenerosityWhen I was a kid, I was always critiqued for being too kind. I was the boy who’d reconcile with his bullies only to have the cycle repeat itself. I’d buy things for other kids only to realise I had nothing left for myself. Even as a young adult, I could be generous as a thoughtless reflex.


It’s something that I probably can’t (and don’t want to) change at the core. If you’ve read my articles on Contribution and Friendship, I guess there’s no hiding that.


I did eventually realise that impulsive kindness is a potential Achilles heel that can be exploited or taken the wrong way. I have changed over the years by adding moderation. That’s why even though AA35 champions contribution as part of a full Life, I’ve offered caveats here and here.


I do still suffer from mad fits and crazy lapses, and act on impulse periodically.  Quite recently, I decided that a keyboard piano would be the perfect thing to help a friend get through a few events, and was most appropriate for various reasons. One week later, I was dropped and cut off without explanation.

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