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August 17, 2016

The Little Toes in Life

by alive

Short Take: Relationships, Life


This year I finally decided to go to the Jeju Salsa Festival, one of the best such festivals in the world. I  prepared for six months, taking lessons, going social dancing, generally upping my level to be compatible with some of these dancers. I was super excited.


Set for fly off on a Friday, here’s what happened the Tuesday before.

Little Toe Ecchymosis

Like an idiot, I stubbed my toe against a sofa, but this was no ordinary stub! The pain didn’t go away after a minute or two. After icing it I went to sleep for a couple of hours. When I awoke I couldn’t walk. I headed for the A&E where I was diagnosed with a bone contusion or a possible hairline fracture.


Looking at the ecchymosis on my little toe, I was struck by the ridiculous humour of the situation, and acutely reminded how the seemingly most insignificant things can derail the best laid plans of mice and men.


How many of us pay attention to the little toe? Think about what happens when you walk. You land with your heel, roll up onto the ball and push off with your big toe. You hardly even think about the little toe. But here I was with a painful little toe that forced me to cancel a dance lesson, skip two days’ work, cancel a workout, and make even walking to the toilet without shoes a painful ordeal.


In Life, there are many things we don’t pay attention to. We forget their importance because when everything is working well, we don’t register their presence.


Then something happens that reminds you in no uncertain terms they’re there. These little toes in our lives can kick us in the ass… hard. When big consequences ensue, we realise how important a role they had.


The little toes in Life are the many things or people we take for granted, ignore or forget, be it work, relationships, or Life in general.


No hug for your wife every morning? That’s a relationship little toe you’re ignoring.

Saying thank you or sorry to your subordinates as appropriate? Little toes too.

A meal a week with your parents? Another potential little toe.

Not eating right today, not exercising today, not getting a good night’s sleep? All little toes you’re ignoring.


These little toes can be ignored a while, but sooner or later you pay the price.


Don’t be one of those people suddenly faced with a divorce, a break up, a lost promotion, a passed parent, a work collapse, a heart attack, or any other major event wondering, what happened?


Don’t forget the little toes in our Lives.



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