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Why It’s Great to be 40!

A La La La La LongMid-life crisis! Menopause! Aches and pains! Hit songs of your youth now oldies!


And…ooops, maybe the makings of a paunch.


These are just some of the frightening things people associate with being 40.


In one of my earliest articles here, I wrote why 35 is a big deal. It’s the age you realise you’re nearer 40 than 20, but when you see “40”, your mind actually thinks… “50”! That puts one in an ‘old’ frame of mind, with all the worries that entails!


Well guess what? I crossed 40 for a while back, kissing 50 territory… for real! And I’m actually happier at this stage of my Life than I’ve ever been before. And I want to give you some perspectives to help you embrace this incredible milestone!

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How to Really Set Goals

SMART goalsHave you heard of SMART goals? Chances are most people have. In fact, I explained how to do this briefly in an earlier article. For the most part it’s a good start and I still take clients through it if they want to learn the system.


In recent years, however, I’ve moved away from the SMART goals system, or indeed many other strategies, and taught people a different approach.




Because in most cases, the way we set goals is plain ineffective.

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