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January 19, 2017

Looking to 2017: Artistic Adventures!

by alive

Hey guys, once again it’s time for the new year reflection post. While I try to get this out before the 1st of each year, 2017 was a bit different for a number of reasons.


New Year 2017

It was a pretty eventful year, with plenty of ups and downs. The ups were great: I accomplished a few things on the bucket list, made a few breakthroughs in personal goals, and set the stage for a major AA35 project. The downs were traumatic and downright chilling at times: personal matters threw me for a loop, and I made some decisions that put a few areas in turmoil that I had to set straight again, most importantly my health.


That’s back now. So on to the message.


Lessons from 2016

1. Having emotions and being sensitive have often been seen to be really beta traits, to be derided, discouraged, and looked down upon. Actually, as I get older, and observe, study and experience relationships myself, I realise what a gift it is to have these things.


2. Every single day, keep in mind your Life Purpose – that’s what you strive for every day. What you think, live, breathe. If you don’t, it’s all too easy to make poor choices and start to lose sight of what’s really important.


3. You have to take risks. Sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don’t. The ones that do you will never ever regret. Those that don’t still teach you valuable lessons. If you fail at something, or even if evil is visited on you e.g. someone tries to take your job or your significant other cheats on you, there’s a lesson to be learnt, with which you can create a better future.


4. Deal with setbacks on a high-consciousness level. Be it business or relationships, don’t take the low road of blaming the other party, erasing all memory of it, and believing the illusion of perfection in yourself. Be grateful for the good, reflect where you could improve, decide to change for the future. Forgive them and yourself, and move on.


5. But never stop hoping…. I ended the year watching one of my favourite movies of all – The Shawshank Redemption – and that seemed to cement the message: hope is a good thing. Don’t let a business failure, disappointment in people, a personal setback, make you stop trying and hoping. In fact, they should give you even more hope… you now know what not to do!

Shawshank Redemption


Theme for 2017: The Arts!


Each year I have a theme. This year, it’s the artistic side! Personally, I find it especially desirable to have the arts in my Life since most of it – in terms of work, AA35 and my business – has to do with science.


But art is good for anyone to have in their Lives. They are an outlet for people to express the creative side of their being. They relieve stress, integrate your physical and mental sides, and let you express your emotional ones. And often they are just plain fun! There’s so much you could choose from. I’ve narrowed it down to the following:


Piano – something I have dabbled in on and off for a couple of years, I want to focus a bit more seriously now. Acquire technical skills and better dynamics, expressiveness and develop a softer touch.



Mum's ArtArt – drawing is something I have been procrastinating for years. Two things finally gave me a kick in the ass. First, continually being inspired by my mum, who started ten years ago not knowing a single thing about drawing. Second, losing someone from my Life who gave me both inspiration and reason to draw. My goals are two-fold:

  1. Drawing – learn to draw a beautiful face, hands, and a horse.
  2. Learning to use colored pencils – I’ve never ever used any color medium, and have zero knowledge of light and shade. Will be challenging!



Photography and Video – Something I’ve always wanted to do for its own sake. To be able to capture moments is to be able to retain memories. To have something to look at years later with happiness and gratitude. But now it serves a double purpose. My new project which hopefully will help me get to contribute to more people in the long run. I’ll keep you updated.



That’s it for this year’s opening message. To a Happy 2017 for all!



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