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January 1, 2018

2018: Down to Basics

by alive

2017 was a very difficult year for me. Indeed, it was the first year since I started this personal blog that I didn’t do many articles.



I could go through a long list of things, but suffice it tay it was the loss of a long time friendship with a person who was very dear to me for 10 years, and then having that replaced by enmity, that shook me up, and had a pretty devastating effect in my Life for most of the year.


But I recovered from that, and it was an experience that showed me a few things I want to share with you.

1. We’re all human.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget it. Especially as in my case, I write, coach, and evangelize about living a Full Life and the success strategies that come with that. And I’m proud to say I’ve practiced all I’ve preached and achieved happiness and fulfilment in the areas of Life important to me. But sometimes all it takes is one trigger… one HUGE trigger, that will endanger everything else like a card removed from a precarious house of cards, or a domino carelessly knocked over. When that happens…


2. It’s not how hard you fall, but how quickly and how hard you fight to get back up.

Many a time, it’s easy to fall a far distance, and then realise how far back up you have to climb just to get back to baseline. It becomes disheartening, distressing, and then it becomes easy to just give up, or ignore it all so you can forget all about it. Well, if something is important to you, you will face the pain, learn the harsh lessons, and then pick yourself up because you know that if you don’t go back to baseline, you will never rise above baseline.


3. Be grateful and take nothing for granted.

I teach the importance of not neglecting your health, fitness, relationships, and other aspects of Life. But I don’t think I’ve emphasized enough that everything should be cherished everyday. You never know when one thing is there and can be gone the next. I say this not to encourage cynicism and detachment. Quite the opposite. I say be grateful and celebrate what you had today. Maybe it was an act of kindness. Maybe it was lunch with a dear friend. A good exercise session. Think on it, be happy for it, and be grateful you experienced it.


4. Cherish small wins.

Yes, I fell far behind in my schedule for this blog, and that would have been unthinkable just a year ago. And it would have been easy to wallow in sadness and guilt, but instead I continued to live Life as best as I could, always trying to create small positives, and then being mindful and grateful for them. That’s the same thing I teach for creating small wins in everything else in Life, be it in your exercise, nutrition, relationships, business, and so on.


Some of these small wins were getting started in art again, improving in my piano, salsa dancing, and getting to know a couple of amazing people who added tremendously to my Life by motivating me to achieve my goals, or resume achievement for goals I’ve forgotten.


All these things added up to create positivity and motivation for my recovery towards bigger and better things.


So those are powerful lessons learnt in 2017.


Now, going into 2018, what have I planned?



After 2017, the theme for me for 2018 would be back to basics. If ever you lose your way, just think: what is my Life Purpose? Then, focus on the most essential things and give them concentrated effort.


What’s this mean? I’ll share with you just two areas for me: AA35 and Relationships.



For AA35, it means remember why I’m doing this: To spread a message that I feel will help people. And to remember that that only works if people KNOW ABOUT IT.


There’s a riddle: If a tree fell in a forest and no one heard it, did it make a noise?

In the same way, I’m grateful for being able to help people here and there by pointing them out to a relevant article on and off, but if not many people hear it, the message doesn’t get passed. So that’s going to change.


This blog was originally just a private resource for friends and clients, but in order to reach more people, I’ve learnt that I need to be more forward with marketing it. So that’s what I will do.


Secondly, in order to reach more people, as well as connect with people who would rather listen than read, I will be starting the AA35 YouTube channel in earnest. I spent 2017 learning a bit about video, and even managed to put up a few, but now it’s time to get more serious and directed at it.


So this is one big things. Continuing to work on AA35, but remembering the most BASIC REQUIREMENT: People must know about it!



For myself, it means real appreciating, nurturing, and strengthening the relationships that are important in my Life. That’s in fact one of the tenets of AA35 when it comes to having a Full Life, and I will be putting into practice what I will teach you here and on the YouTube channel!


I’ve tried to live my Life in a way that makes a positive impact to the good people whose paths I’ve crossed. It’s time I also appreciated those who have done the same for me, and to make sure that I always work to keep them strong and fulfilling.


Seems like just a few goals, but going for depth and quality in the basics is what I’m going to do this year, both for myself, and AA35.


Here’s wishing you the same!





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