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About Me



Welcome! I’m Greg, and I believe in living Life Fully – achieving Happiness and Fulfilment through enriching experiences, personal development, lifelong learning, achieving dreams, and great relationships.


Every good person deserves these things. But to make the most of our Lives, we have to stay young in body and mind. An essential foundation for this is physical health and fitness. Without it, a person’s life experiences and adventures, dreams and aspirations could be severely limited.


My personal mission with AA35 is twofold: 1) help people build this physical foundation, and 2) motivate them to reclaim their dreams and live Life fully again.


So who am I?


Physiotherapist/ Exercise Physiologist

As a physiotherapist, I assess and treat injuries, reduce pain, and maximize function. Pain and losing basic abilities causes misery. Working in healthcare has given me the privilege of helping hundreds of people live more happily, fulfilling part of my AA35 mission.


I’m also an exercise physiologist. I run an exercise unit in a hospital, writing programs and exercising people with diabetes, heart problems, obesity and other chronic diseases. These problems threaten quality of Life, and it’s a privilege to change so many lives for the better through exercise. I love it when I see people return to their lives with more confidence and new appreciation of how important health and exercise are.


GF02Life Fitness Consultant

I don’t like the term “Life Coach”. I think there’s a touch of arrogance to that label. But most people are familiar with the concept and it’s probably close to what I do as a business. My focus however, always begins with building the foundation of health and fitness, before moving on to other areas of Living.


I fully believe in the power of exercise. I’ve used it to transform myself from a weak, back pain sufferer into a fit person who doesn’t show his age, and lives a full Life with few limitations. I want to help others do the same.



Leonardo da VinciRenaissance Man Wannabe

My passion for personal growth and development is inspired by the renaissance men of old, multi-talented people who were accomplished in many different areas. People like Leonardo da Vinci (painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, anatomist, philosopher) and more recently Desmond Morris (zoologist, anthropologist, surrealist painter, author of The Naked Ape), demonstrate what is possible to achieve in Life if you have the will and the passion.


As such my Life experiences, adventures and Lifelong Learning are part of this romantic vision. Some of my current supporting interests are prehistory (particularly dinosaurs), learning the piano, horseriding and Spanish, and trying not to salsa dance too horribly.


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