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An Intro and a Disclaimer

Of all the subjects in my blog, the only ones which I can claim to be a bona fide expert in are those relating to physiotherapy, personal training and clinical exercise. I have been privileged in both my work and my business to train and treat patients and clients over the past 15 years, and my experiences and interactions have been valuable, teaching me a lot about my chosen fields, the practical reality in the community, and even myself.


But my sum passion and my Bodybyuildermessage is about living a Full Life. Exercise and movement are key enablers, but they’re not everything. Otherwise, plenty of gym obsessives and narcissists would all have very full Lives. The fact is that many don’t. 


When you live your whole life for one activity, even if it’s something healthy like exercise, it can become an obsession. If all you are is defined by this one thing, you would be a rather flat person and I think you would be missing out on Life. Your entire self worth and social circle would be grounded in one thing.


But in fact there are many aspects to Life that make it more fulfilling, more enriching, and happier.  


kids holding handsThings like relationships, without which we’d do everything only for self-fulfillment and without sparing a thought for how it might affect others. If we strive only for ourselves, we end up being either lonely or selfish, or both. Think about how much happier your Life would be with a friend or group of friends with whom you can absolutely be yourself, get stupid and share laughter with. Imagine what it would be like to have that special person with whom to walk a path, share a common vision and Life goals, and create a future.


Another aspect I promote heavily is contribution and giving. I believe personal success in any area, be it career, finances or even physical ability, is fully meaningful only if it enables you to add to other people’s Lives. I believe many of us have that giving person deep inside, and that person is integral to helping us live Lives that are not out like a brief candle, but which light up fires that perpetuate through our actions.


hospital handsThat’s why my consultations often touch on other aspects of living Life. I make it clear that I am merely sharing the AA35 philosophy, not some universal, PhD-backed, carved-in-stone truth.  But if AA35 is about living Life to the full, I would be remiss not to share some of these ideas. They have been gained from interacting with my clients, observing examples of love, support, happiness, and consideration in the hospital, personal experiences, knowledge from various mentors and extensive reading. I do not present them as the word of an authority or expert, but merely, my own humble offering.


Please take them in that light, and a full Life to you, however you decide to achieve it!