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How to Find Your Life Purpose after 40 (Or Any Age!)

Recently, I went to Malaysia to learn horseriding. I’ve loved horses since I was a boy, and to learn to ride and eventually flow with one, has been a dream item on my bucket list. So I’m elated to have started.


I also scored two firsts: tasting mantis shrimp and… undergoing a root canal! A marvelous combo that was! Finally, I made great strides in my meditating, so it was a really great holiday for me.


On the way home, I started reflecting. It’s been a long hard road: from divorce, near-bankruptcy, moving from rent to rent, to where I’m now doing things I want to do, have great relationships, and amazing experiences. And what’s kept everything together for me is what I want to share with you about:


Life Purpose, and how to find it.

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Why It’s Great to be 40!

A La La La La LongMid-life crisis! Menopause! Aches and pains! Hit songs of your youth now oldies!


And…ooops, maybe the makings of a paunch.


These are just some of the frightening things people associate with being 40.


When I started the AA35 blog, I wrote why 35 is a big deal. It’s the age you realise you’re nearer 40 than 20, but when you see “40”, your mind actually thinks… “50”! That puts one in an ‘old’ frame of mind, with all the worries that entails!


Well guess what? I crossed 40 for a while back, kissing 50 territory… for real! And I want to give you some perspectives that might help you embrace this incredible milestone!

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Learning the Piano Part 2: The How

Piano stepsIn my last post, I shared why I wanted to learn the piano. There were many reasons – from continuous improvement and reliving the past to sharing something with people and another way to express myself. Learning the piano is a quest that will greatly add to my Life.


To succeed in a goal however you need more than good thoughts and a dream. You need a plan of Action Steps. Winging it gives you haphazard results and costs plenty of wasted time and effort.


I’m going to share a process I’ve used for my fitness clients and apply it to my goal of learning the piano.


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Learning the Piano Part 1: The Why

Recently, my friends Zann and JS got married. I wanted to do something special to celebrate this, so I learnt to play a piano piece and then shared this with them on Facebook.


When I first thought of doing this, I was apprehensive, the Internet being what it is. At best, I knew it would be ignored by many highbrow connoisseurs as unworthy of their attention. At worst, it was an open invitation to the internet experts to lay into me, critiquing this or that, missing the point of my endeavor altogether.


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