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A Piano and a Plate of Prawns

GenerosityWhen I was a kid, I was always critiqued for being too kind. I was the boy who’d reconcile with his bullies only to have the cycle repeat itself. I’d buy things for other kids only to realise I had nothing left for myself. Even as a young adult, I could be generous as a thoughtless reflex.


It’s something that I probably can’t (and don’t want to) change at the core. If you’ve read my articles on Contribution and Friendship, I guess there’s no hiding that.


I did eventually realise that impulsive kindness is a potential Achilles heel that can be exploited or taken the wrong way. I have changed over the years by adding moderation. That’s why even though AA35 champions contribution as part of a full Life, I’ve offered caveats here and here.


I do still suffer from mad fits and crazy lapses, and act on impulse periodically.  Quite recently, I decided that a keyboard piano would be the perfect thing to help a friend get through a few events, and was most appropriate for various reasons. One week later, I was dropped and cut off without explanation.

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2016 Theme: Go Where No Me Has Gone Before

As we end the year and start the next, it’s time to do a stocktake. I do this every year. What goals did I have coming into the year? How much did I accomplish? What balls did I drop? What could I have done better?


EnteDI try to give each new year a theme for self-improvement and living Fully. Last year, it was “Become Impatient”. I wanted – and encouraged people – to become impatient in areas where thoughts, behaviours, and approaches led to procrastination and unnecessary waste of effort and time.


My theme for 2016? Go Where No Me Has Gone Before

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A Date with Mum

On the 24th April, I took my mum to watch the John Williams Extravaganza SSO concert. My mum has loved orchestra music for years, and it was she who got me interested in watching a live performance of the SSO at the Victoria Concert Hall about twenty years ago. It felt good to relive that experience years later.


Episode VII PosterWe all know that Episode VII is coming. It is so huge in fact, that people often forget that Jurassic World precedes it by about six months.


Both of these movie franchises feature the music of John Williams, surely one of the most iconic composers of our time. The attitude of highbrow snobs aside, popular music does move and does involve real knowledge and artistry, and as such I have always been able to enjoy it for its own sake.



Add to that the purpose of movie soundtracks, which is to rekindle the feelings we had not just of the movie itself, but also memories of when we watched it, who we watched it with, and why that might have been special. First date, anybody? 

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Saving Gloxinia

Right now, I’m trying to save a Life.


No I’m not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TV.


I’d be the first to admit that I absolutely don’t know what I’m doing, I’m inexperienced, incompetent, and I might very well cause the loss of the Life I want to save.


However, I don’t think I’m being remiss and whatever happens I won’t ever be charged in court.


GloxiniaYou see, Gloxinia isn’t a human being. It’s a plant.


Most people would just toss it out, buy a new one. So why the effort?

Two words:

1. Sentiment.

2. Atonement.

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