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My Services

I love writing and I love the English language. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a million times on this blog already 🙂

These are the writing services I provide

  • Proofreading and editing  for grammar and readability
  • Ghostwriting of web articles
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook and user forum) posting
  • Speechwriting
  • Student assignment correction
  • Essay writing
  • Applications for promotion, performance appraisals and reports

Why would you use writing services? There are many reasons, but based on my experience writing for people, here are the commonest ones.


Too busy and have no time? Juggling family and career and have time only to write the briefest report outline? A busy entrepreneur or blogger who can’t get the time to generate material for your website or blog?

If you need quality writing and content, you need someone who can expand on your ideas, and deliver material for your publication. If you don’t have the confidence to write a speech to showcase your message, you need someone who can take your framework, and flesh it out in a form you can deliver with punch and power.


English as second language

Are you a student or a professional whose first language isn’t English? Have you felt hampered by your inability to fully express your ideas? This has always be an impediment to brilliant minds working in an environment run by an alien tongue.

It’s a sad story. A student with A grade knowledge and understanding of a subject getting a C grade because his paper wasn’t written well. A promising executive who didn’t get the job, promotion, or pay raise because his application and reasons for justification sounded too plain, or even rude.

I enjoy bringing out the true quality of your experiences and painting the correct picture of your contributions, to help you get the results and the rewards you truly deserve.


Extra Clarity

So you have good English, but your message gets misconstrued time and again? It might be that you aren’t writing clearly enough. Good English does not equal good communication skills! Indeed, the higher the level of English, the more the tendency to vacillate and meander. I can either keep your important messages concise and to-the-point, or imbued with intended innuendo, flavoured with just the right amount of flair, coloured with the right balance of candour and diplomacy, and even spiked with specific sarcasm, if so intended!


Have you seen a website just peppered with poor prose? What were your immediate reactions? If you are like many people, a few thoughts came to mind.

“Amateurish. Fly-by-night. Unprofessional. Turn-off. Can I trust them?”

Some people think it doesn’t matter if they are reaching out to the Singlish-speaking community. They argue that perfect English alienates Singaporeans.

I beg to differ. Good writing doesn’t necessarily mean fancy writing, full of bombastic, obscure words. Good writing means communicating your message clearly to potential readers and clients, and proper grammar. These alienate nobody.

Secondly, if you hope to attract international readership to your blog or website, you’d better make sure that bad English doesn’t create distrust and disgust. This is even more important if your site is a business one.



English is essential in modern society. Have no doubt about it. It’s the bridge that crosses international boundaries. It’s the link that promotes international groupthink in the financial, political and academic worlds. It’s also the basic mode of communication and miscommunication that can get you hired or fired.


Don’t leave it to chance when you have something important to communicate!