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What’s the Best Exercise? Revealed!

So you’ve decided to lose weight! Or gain muscle! Or just get healthier! That’s GREAT!


But you might asking the first question that comes to mind when people think of such admirable goals: What’s the best exercise? And intuitively I think most people believe: there is no one best exercise. It depends on a bunch of factors. How fit you are, what you want to achieve, how much time you have, do you have access to a gym, equipment, coaches and so on.


Actually, if you’re just starting to exercise, or resuming after a long time, I think there IS an answer, and in this article, I’m going to tell you just that.

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Why It’s Great to be 40!

A La La La La LongMid-life crisis! Menopause! Aches and pains! Hit songs of your youth now oldies!


And…ooops, maybe the makings of a paunch.


These are just some of the frightening things people associate with being 40.


In one of my earliest articles here, I wrote why 35 is a big deal. It’s the age you realise you’re nearer 40 than 20, but when you see “40”, your mind actually thinks… “50”! That puts one in an ‘old’ frame of mind, with all the worries that entails!


Well guess what? I crossed 40 for a while back, kissing 50 territory… for real! And I’m actually happier at this stage of my Life than I’ve ever been before. And I want to give you some perspectives to help you embrace this incredible milestone!

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Nutrition after 40: 5 Principles for Success!

Quick, name me the MOST important component of success for losing weight, gaining muscle or energy, or even managing a health condition.


Did you say EXERCISE?


WRONG! Nutrition is responsible for 70-90% of your success. Most people think it’s exercise, and obsess about finding the perfect program, or just doing more and more. Then they wonder why they’re not getting results. In my experience, it’s the nutrition!


But there are a couple of challenges here.


The first is UTTER CONFUSION when trying to decide what’s best. With so many diets out there: Atkins, Mediterranean, French, Paleo… all claiming failures and successes, how do you choose?


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Exercise After 40: Quickstart Program!

So, you’re over 35 or 40, and you’ve decided to start exercising after years of inacitivity.


Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease, high blood pressure, or diabetes, and realise no matter how successful you are in work or business, none of that matters if you don’t have your health to enjoy any of that.


Maybe you’ve discovered that you’re unenergetic or unfit, or have so much chronic pain, that you can’t play with your growing children, or pick up your newborn baby, or worry you may not live to see them get married.


Maybe you’ve just had a divorce or a breakup, and you realise that years of neglect doesn’t make you feel attractive, lowers your confidence and self-esteem, and getting back into good shape is an important part of the attraction/dating process.


Whatever your motivations, you’ve decided to start exercising. Great! Few things herald the start and build a solid foundation for a new path, the rejuvenation of a new Life, the rediscovery of dreams forgotten like starting an exercise program.


But every journey begins with a first step.


Here’s how to take it.

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